Trybe // The Differences Between Consumer Behavior and Motivation

What Are The Differences Between Consumer Behavior and Motivation?

Let’s say you’re looking at breaking into the energy drink market. You look at sales numbers, and you can easily identify Red Bull as the most popular energy drink on the market. People buy it more than any other energy drink. That’s an observable, quantifiable fact that displays the behavior of consumers in the energy...Read More
What is Brand Insistence and How Do I Get There?

What is Brand Insistence and How Do I Get There?

Brand insistence is exactly what it sounds like—when someone insists on purchasing a product from a certain company, and they won’t stand for anything else. For a business, this is exactly how you want your customers to act. Maybe you've encountered this when you recommended a product to a friend, only to hear them tell...Read More
5 Things You Need to Do Before Launching a New Product

5 Things You Need To Do Before A New Product Launch

A product launch is one of a marketers biggest moments. The risk is real, and the burden heavy. Regardless of the support and input of your team, the gamble can be discomforting at times. Particularly if you are a startup or an early growth business, you may not have the support of research and development,...Read More
So how do you become a micro-moment ready?

How To Leverage Micro-Moments In A Shopper’s World

One thing we’ve come to realize in the age of smartphones, is that they give us the ability to perform immediate actions in ways that we couldn’t several years ago. These immediate actions are part of what Google calls "micro-moments.” Let’s say your friend Dave opens his closet on a chilly fall day, and after...Read More
Shopper Insights 101

Product Insights: An Introduction To The Basics

Independent from consumer or market insights, product insights are specific to a product or service in question and often require consistent and timely testing. What are Product Insights? The emergence of new technologies makes it easier for companies to judge how well a new product or change in existing product is received. Online reviews, to...Read More