Get Feedback from 1000s of Consumers who have tried your productTrybe enables you to get unfiltered feedback from the only people that matter: Your Consumers

Understanding product sentiment is a core component of product promotion and provides valuable insight into how to succeed in an increasingly competitive market.

Trybe Product Insights provides you with a set of tools which you can use in your marketing communications or Point of Sale (POS) as well as generating the Voice of the Consumer through potentially thousands of individual product reviews to add a further dimension of qualitative research. All of which can be broken down by demographic and socioeconomic target groups.

What we deliver

All Data is segmented by Age, Gender, Education, Income and Location, with hundreds more segmentation possible on request.

Delivery Highlights & How They HelpTrybe delivers several insight metrics, designed to be directly applicable to your business problems

Freetext Review

Trybe delivers up to 1000s of freetext reviews for your product, broken down by several datapoints.

How does it help me?

Freetext reviews allow you to get the direct voice of the consumer and take a look into specific issues that individual users have with your product, as well as identify qualitative drivers that matter most to each consumer segment.

Repurchase Probability

Trybe`s Repurchase Probability allows you to assess the expected success of your product within each consumer segment.

How does it help me?

Repurchase Probability allows you to take a deep look into how likely different consumer segments are to buy your product again after trying it, allowing you to pinpoint the segment which will create the highest future ROI.

Claim validation

Trybe allows you to verify (or create) marketing claims based on the feedback of as many verified trials as necessary.

How does it help me?

Claims are getting more important in a crowded retail environment, and your product`s Trybescore allows you to set your product apart from the competition by showing liking across the population or a specific consumer segment.

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