Sales requires insights at every step of the wayTrybe enables you to see who your product resonates with, why it does so, and how to reach the right consumers.

Sales isn`t rocket science. If people like your product, they will buy more of it and will buy it more regularly. There are a couple of problems with this though: Who should you target? How should you target them? And what drives or prevents them from buying your product for the first time and then again after trying it?

Trybe gives you clear answers to these questions. By taking a deep dive into your category with your product in the center, we can answer questions that will allow you to sell more to the right people. Like we said: Not rocket science.

What we deliver

All Data is segmented by Age, Gender, Education, Income and Location, with hundreds more segmentation possible on request.

Delivery Highlights & How They HelpTrybe delivers several insight metrics, designed to be directly applicable to your business problems

Switching Dynamics

Switching Dynamics show you which competitor your consumers are coming from, and where they go when they stop buying your product.

How does it help me?

Your biggest threat is not the competitor with the highest marketshare, but the one stealing your consumers at the highest rate. Switching Dynamics allow you to understand what is happening with consumers coming into and leaving your brand.

Drivers & Barriers

Conversion Drivers & Barriers show you why consumers have (or have not) converted to trial or purchase in your consumer funnel.

How does it help me?

By looking into what is driving or prohibiting consumers from converting from one stage to the next, you will be able to address concrete problems and/or focus on proven selling points of your brand or product, allowing you to spend your budget efficiently.

Brand Perception

How is your Brand perceived across consumer segments, what is the image attribute driving sales, and what is preventing consumers from buying?

How does it help me?

Your image perception is a big part of your brand. Trybe`s Brand Perception allows you to pinpoint which image item you need to foster in order to drive sales, giving you valuable input for your marketing going forward.

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