Show retailers the impact your product will have on themTrybe`s report shows retailers the added value of putting your product on their shelfs.

In an increasingly crowded market, manufacturers and brand owners need to present convincing arguments why their particular product should be listed on the shelfs of retailers.

Trybe allows you to prove who your audience is, the potential effect on traffic into stores as well as switching behaviour between already distributed shelfs. By looking into detailed demographics of people who will visit the retailer because your product is available, you can shows buyers at retailers what target group you are attracting and what the impact on their bottom line will be.

What we deliver

All Data is segmented by Age, Gender, Education, Income and Location, with hundreds more segmentation possible on request.

Delivery Highlights & How They HelpTrybe delivers several insight metrics, designed to be directly applicable to your business problems

Channel Analysis

Trybe`s Channel Analysis shows you which channel is most important for your product, based on past and future channel choices by consumer segment.

How does it help me?

Knowing the importance of each channel for your product category allows you to plan your distribution strategy, taking into account the sales effect of each additional distribution point.

Store Preference

Being able to show store preferences in conjunction with repurchase probability allows you to show retailers the impact of putting your product on their shelf.

How does it help me?

Getting distribution is difficult, but it is a lot easier when you can show retailers reliable data about what the impact on their bottom line will be if they list your product in their assortment.

Shopping Habits

Trybe`s shopping habits take a deep dive into basket sizes and shopping frequency, broken down by consumer segments.

How does it help me?

Shopping Patterns allow you to assess the importance of your product and category for retailers, which can be powerful tool to convince retailers to put your product on their shelf.

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