So how do you become a micro-moment ready?

How To Leverage Micro-Moments In A Shopper’s World

One thing we’ve come to realize in the age of smartphones, is that they give us the ability to perform immediate actions in ways that we couldn’t several years ago. These immediate actions are part of what Google calls "micro-moments.” Let’s say your friend Dave opens his closet on a chilly fall day, and after...Read More
Shopper Insights 101

Product Insights: An Introduction To The Basics

Independent from consumer or market insights, product insights are specific to a product or service in question and often require consistent and timely testing. What are Product Insights? The emergence of new technologies makes it easier for companies to judge how well a new product or change in existing product is received. Online reviews, to...Read More
Market Research Helps Increase Sales

5 Key Ways Market Research Can Help You Increase Sales

Businesses hoping to grow, have a variety of options when it comes to increasing sales. Market research is one outlet that is often overlooked. In their eagerness, entrepreneurs often race to a solution without grasping the insights necessary for success. Although some brands do not consider market research when it comes to sales growth, many...Read More
Common Traps

4 Common Market Research Traps You May Be Caught In

It’s not easy being a marketer in today’s competitive landscape. To succeed, you need to be able to cut through the clutter and set yourself apart from your competitors. Often, market research plays a vital role in that process. Market research in itself is already challenging when dealing with time, money or resource constraints. However,...Read More
In-store Sampling

Does In-Store Sampling Work?

Making the most of your in-store sampling activities in general can be perplexing. It can be expensive, time consuming and challenging to find quality consumers to sample to, particularly the more robust your sample is. You may get caught up simply trying to find the best deal from a sampling company, not recognizing the impact...Read More
Planned vs. Impulsive Behavior

Planned vs Impulse: Are You Targeting The Right Buyers?

People make purchasing decisions for a variety of reasons. But, by and large, the behavior involved in any purchase usually falls under one of two different behavioral types – logical (planned) or impulse-driven. For marketers, it is important to understand which type of buyer behavior you should be targeting because the difference is substantial. What...Read More