Baby Product Advertising Trends: Millennial Moms & Parents

Baby Products Advertising Trends Reaching Millennial Moms and Parents

There is a large demand for information specific to the Millennial Mom Segment regarding baby advertising trends.

Reaching Millennial Moms with children three and under is a challenge for a number of companies in the baby product space. Finding the right combination of channels and messaging for selling baby products is critical when advertising your portfolio.

Why is it difficult?

The baby products market targets a unique parade category of consumers. Millennial moms are an enigma. Marketing 101 tells you not to segment your audience solely on demographics, rather, focus behaviors. They are diverse. Some work full time while the father is primary caregiver while others are full time stay-at-home moms.

While diving deeper into this demographic, we found the majority of available research in the baby advertising space was not insightful. This prompted us to conduct primary research of this category. Click here to download a free report pulled from the Trybe community specifically, our segment of Millennial Moms with children three and under. This in-depth report was created from a fresh panel of Millennial Moms in the last quarter of 2016.

Consumer Insights
2016 Report

Millennial Moms

with children 3 or under

This free report highlights:

  • Where Millennial Moms shop for baby products online
  • Why they shop at those stores
  • Does social media play a role in their purchases or does it merely raise awareness?
  • What are the highest performing channels from a conversion standpoint (ie. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook)?
  • How do “Mom blogs” and forums influence their purchasing decisions?

Another interesting area we looked into was when working with clients whose target group consists of mainly mothers or parents, we noted that there was a need to simplify the process while digging deeper into attitudes and behaviors. Parents having kids in the current digital age are more tech-savvy and have the means and money to spend.

With spending power hitting in the trillions, understanding these parents is a critical point for brands as there is a lot to lose if they ignore or do not get the right marketing out to this segment. Parents having kids today are socially aware, constantly connected, global citizens, entrepreneurial, and progressive. Therefore, their attitudes and behaviors differ from parents who had kids prior to the Internet.

Thus we researched over 22,000 parents across the globe and churned out a report that takes a deeper dive into the focus areas below in addition to highlighting key demographics that will assist companies in creating an educated strategy for its brand or product.

Click here to learn more about the in-depth report that was created from a fresh panel of parents in early 2017.

Trybe Reports

Baby Products:

How and Where Parents Search, Choose and Purchase Today

This Baby Products report highlights:

  • Social Media Usage
  • Product Attributes and Brand Preferences
  • Preference For Product Information and Awareness Sources
  • Purchasing Behavior Across Sales Channels
  • Sales Drivers Across Channels: Online vs. Physical Stores

Trybe combines product sampling and big data analytics to create in-depth insights to better understand the attitudes and actions of shoppers and consumers.

Our global community and unique approach allow companies and brands to gather honest and granular insights which were previously complex and expensive to obtain using traditional research methods – delivered faster, better and at a fraction of the cost.