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Using advanced data analytics and our global community to automate the research process, we deliver enterprise-level insights at a fraction of the cost.

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We work with companies ranging from 5-100.000 employees. Here are some you might have heard of:

What We Offer

Our mission is to make deep insights available whenever you need them, more cost-effective than anyone else

Brand Tracker

Assess the health of your brand and acquire a detailed brand funnel for your brand tracking activities complete with deep dives into the drivers and barriers for conversion. Look under the hood and see how over time what marketing or ad campaigns are leading to sales growth. Track your brand’s growth, awareness, perception and more.

Category Tracker

Obtain an analysis of the switching potential & dual-usage within your category along with brand funnels and conversion rates for each of your competitors as well as your own. Uncover how you are doing in comparison to your competitors, locate your profit pools and where you can easily source more consumers from and more.

Brand & Category Tracker

This approach combines our Brand Tracker, which is dedicated to determining the health of your brand with our Category Tracker that provides a holistic overview of the entire category that your product is in. Our most comprehensive market research strategy that provides you with a deep dive into your brand, products, category and marketing efforts.

Product Feedback

Replace those focus groups and get real consumers to take on your questions. Test your product’s appeal, find out who your target group is or figure out which prototypes deserve some shelf space. Dive down into what arguments you can use to get increased listings in stores, who likes your products, what countries you could expand to and more.

Communication & Concept Testing

Determine and compare the appeal on your ads, videos, labels, logos and other creatives to uncover which image or copy combinations resonates best with your consumers. A unique opportunity to test and compare your creative work with real consumers before it hits the market so you can optimize your campaigns and reach your audience in the best ways possible.

Custom Research

Pinpoint and answer exact questions that your business has through custom and personalized market research. This is a unique opportunity to address complex questions that move beyond the basic demographics and generalizations to help you gain reliable feedback when it comes to making challenging decisions or to validate hypotheses.

How We Are Unique

Our mission is to make deep insights available whenever you need them, more cost effective that anyone else



A global active user base means full report delivery in between 24 hours and 6 weeks depending on the project.



We use technology and big data analytics to break large amounts of respondents into the most detailed segments.



No recruitment cost and use of technology means we are usually at 1/10th of the price of big insight firms.

More than


questions answered since 2016

How We Help

Trybe delivers insights that directly impact your ability to reach your business goals

Increase sales

Trybe enables you to see who your product resonates with, why it does so, and how to reach the right consumers.

Increase distribution

Trybe’s report shows retailers the added value of putting your product on their shelves.

Product feedback

Trybe enables you to get unfiltered feedback from the only people that matter: your consumers.

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